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Based on a high-strength aluminum frame with optimized torsional stiffness and minimum weight the HD 500 CELL DBDS with its new Direct Belt Drive System sets standards in the 500 heli-class segment. Apart from a neat outer appearance the main development focus was on the construction of efficient yet weight-saving components.

It is for example possible to install a 48,9mm engine. The battery will be mounted upside down to enable an optimized center of gravity adjustment . The rotor head is a completely new design taking into consideration the latest trends on the market. A seperate swash locker arm will be available as an additional option. While focusing on the belt drive, the main objective was to ensure a very smooth and silent sound eliminating any noise like that originating from a traditional drive system. Precisely manufactured and light-weight aluminium belt wheels combined with a 18mm belt care for highest quality and silent operation. 3 bearing blocks for the main rotor shaft and a contra bearing on the engine ensure no loss of torque and maximum power on the main drive. A high innovative but simple belt-tension unit was designed to guarantee a perfectly tight tail belt under all conditions. The engine and ESC block features additional cooling ribs for a more efficient heat dissipation. Designed for 465mm up to 500mm blades the HD 500 CELL DBDS is perfect for extreme 3D but can also be flown with low RPM. It is the ultimate ?toy? for all kind of pilots and leaves no wish open.

After years of successfully selling a variety of Helicopter models to customers located worldwide, HD Helicopters which is currently located nearby Stuttgart/Germany has announced the development of an amazingly engineered brand new high end class 500 3D helicopter, which is scheduled to be delivered by end of November 2013. The new model will be designed in a battery version only and can be flown with 4 to 6s LiPo batteries, in addition the top of the line materiel in aviation such as certified Aluminium and Carbon will be used.
The goal of  HD Helicopters is not to establish another typically known or existing helicopter model but to provide a brand new and high innovative design which will set and raise the bar in the market of helicopter models.

For more information please feel free to contact HD Helicopters at info@hd-helicopters.com

Performance Pre-Flight:
Our test model was built with the following components:
Swashplate servos: 3 x MKS HV9767
Tail servo: MKS HV9780
Motor: Kontronik Pyro 600-09
FBL Electronics: iKon
ESC: Kontronik Jive 100+ LV
Blades: HD500 Carbonblades
Accu: Pulse 6S 35C 4500 mAH
+ ? 13 ° Pitch

Technical data HD 500 CELL DBDS
500 class optimized for 6s operation
Main blades: 465 - 500mm
Rotor diameter with 465mm main blades: 1065mm
New Direct Belt Drive System with a 18mm belt and light weight aluminium wheels for smooth and silent operation
Take-Off weight ca. 1950 Gramm without batteries
Length: Ca. 970mm
Width: Ca. 140mm
Height: Ca. 295mm
Tail rotor: 220mm
Main rotor: Ø 10mm
Tail shaft: : Ø 4 mm
Main drive gear: 120T
Optional pinion 15T / 16T / 17T / 18T / 19T / 20T
Drive gear ratio: 120T / 15 - 1 : 8 to 1:6,00
Tail gear ratio: 76T / 16T - 1 : 4,75
Integrated Tail Belt Tension System
Usage of 48,9mm engines possible
Battery mounted upside down for an optimized center of gravity
Contra engine bearing and 3 bearing for the main rotor shaft

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